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Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream has leaner macros than a protein bar


Blackstone Labs is currently gearing up to be the first major supplement company we’ve ever seen with its own high protein frozen dessert or basically, protein ice cream. The upcoming product is called ISO-Cream, and it’s not a powder or tool to create your own ice cream, it is a full pint of protein loaded dessert.

Main ingredients

The formula behind Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream is actually surprisingly simple. The brand has taken its fast absorbing, whey isolate powered protein powder Isolation, and combined it with milk, cream, and vanilla. There are other things in each of the product’s flavors, but those are the main, consistent ingredients.

Nutrition profile

The next area we have to touch on is ISO-Cream’s all-important nutrition profile. This is where the frozen dessert really impresses as if it tastes anywhere near as good as Blackstone Labs says, it will likely be a hit as its macros are far better than your typical protein snack.

Each full pint tub of ISO-Cream provides a strong 38g of protein for only 266 to 294 calories, depending on the flavor The other nutrition numbers are 7 to 8g of fat (4g saturated), and 14 to 20g of carbohydrates with 11 to 15g of that sugar and 1 to 2g of fiber.


As you can see, Blackstone Labs does have a potential breakout product on its hands, assuming, of course, it tastes on point. Most protein bars have 20g of protein with the calories near the lower end of the 200s. ISO-Cream goes well beyond that with almost twice as much protein for less than 50% more calories, or roughly only a quarter more for its leanest favor.


To start Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream is going to be available in three relatively straightforward flavors, all packing that strong 38g of protein. The single pint options are Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Cookie Dough, and the one with the lowest calories, Mint Chocolate Chip.


ISO-Cream is expected to release as early as the beginning next month, with the protein ice cream due to officially debut at next week’s Arnold Classic. Fortunately for those not attending the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio, the product will also be launched online through