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Campus Protein’s Jungle Juice Fuel returns with a bit more energy and focus

Jungle Juice Fuel

Campus Protein has brought back a previously released flavor of its pre-workout Fuel. It is the recipe Jungle Juice that’s made the return, however, there is more to the relaunch than just the flavor. The pre-workout has also been reformulated slightly which according to the retailer gives it more energy and focus.

Overall, the majority of Campus Protein’s Fuel formula has remained exactly the same. It still features 1.5g of creatine monohydrate, half a gram of betaine, 1.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and a very light 450mg of citrulline.

Jungle Juice Fuel

Where the few changes come in with Fuel’s combination of ingredients is in regards to its caffeine and phenylethylamine. Campus Protein has slightly bumped up the dose caffeine to 200mg for extra energy, completely removed phenylethylamine, and added in 2.5mg of huperzine A and 250mg of choline bitartrate for better focus.

Campus Protein has made its returning Jungle Juice Fuel available through its website this week at $27.99 per 30 serving tub. Also if you get in quick, the store is running a bit of a promotion right now where you get a free retro squeeze bottle when buying Jungle Juice Fuel.