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Latest version of Modern Man featuring Dynamine for energy

Modern Man

Modern Man is currently getting ready to launch an all-new version of its self-titled supplement, Modern Man. The updated version of the product is just like the original and promises a unique combination of testosterone support and increased thermogenesis.

While the new and old versions of Modern Man both promote a similar, hybrid type experience, that is not the case with their formulas. The brand has changed up quite a few things for Modern Man V3, swapping out a lot of ingredients for newer, higher quality replacements.


As you’d expect with a hybrid supplement, there are two sides to Modern Man’s formula. It has three ingredients for enhanced energy and focus, and another three for its testosterone promises wrapped up in what the brand has called the Alpha Modernization Complex.

Modern Man

On the energy side, Modern Man V3 features 150mg of caffeine, like its predecessor, as well as 50mg each of Cocoabuterol theobroma and the exciting new Dynamine. Rounding out the product are its three alpha ingredients with 100mg each of the reliable KSM-66 branded ashwagandha, coleus forskohlii, and eurycoma longifolia.


According to Modern Man itself, the third version of its self titled supplement should be launching any day now. The best places to keep an eye out for it would be the brand’s own website and the major online retailer Amazon.