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MusclePharm Wreckage Review: Powerful and well-rounded pre-workout

MusclePharm Wreckage Review

The Athlete’s Company, MusclePharm, re-entered the pre-workout game last year with its first and still only Stealth Series supplement Wreckage. Formula wise the product is the best pre-workout we’ve seen from the brand in quite some time, featuring a number of well-dosed ingredients.

A few weeks ago, we finally go our hands on MusclePharm’s Wreckage for review. We were very interested to see if it performs as strong as its formula looks, and we can honestly say the supplement surprised us. Not only is it effective, but better than any MusclePharm pre-workout we can remember.


As a quick rundown on the formula behind MusclePharm Wreckage, it has three to four ingredients for each of its effects. For pumps and absorption you got 5g of citrulline, 300mg of Vaso6, and 50mg of AstraGin, then 2g of beta-alanine, a gram of taurine, and 300mg of caffeine for energy.

Last but not least there is Wreckage’s neuro focus blend which carries on the product’s full label transparency with half a gram of tyrosine, and 100mg each of alpha-GPC, theanine, and NeuroFactor.

MusclePharm Wreckage Review

Moderate energy

Despite packing a good amount of caffeine, we didn’t find Wreckage kicks in all that hard. Around ten minutes after taking our favorite serving size of a rounded scoop, you get a nice lift in energy, enough to wake you up, get you moving, and make you want to power through your workout.

Intense focus

While that initial hit from Wreckage isn’t all that impressive, what comes after is. We found that once you get working, maybe an exercise or so into your workout, you start to feel a lot more focused, with a strong surge of mental drive. It’s a real confidence booster and intensity increaser as it clears your head and just makes you want to get after it.

Once that impressive Wreckage focus comes over you, it’s a pretty full on pre-workout experience from there. With that increase in intensity you’ll find you’re forced to push yourself harder than normal, and fortunately, the supplement has great performance support allowing you to train at the level you desire.

Muscle pumps

The one last effect we found to be a Wreckage highlight, on top of the moderate energy, solid focus, and powerful performance, is enhanced muscle pumps. The product certainly helps provide a full and dense pump, which we found most noticeable with higher reps and more isolated movements, as opposed to workouts where the performance boost shined a little brighter.

MusclePharm Wreckage Review


Overall, MusclePharm Wreckage is a surprisingly powerful supplement. After the last few pre-workouts from the brand, we didn’t expect all that much from the product, although we were interested seeing as it had a good looking formula.

Wreckage has turned out to be a very well-rounded experience, that we can’t imagine many users would be disappointed with. It doesn’t quite have the stimulation you get from pre-workouts with eria jarensis or the disappearing DMHA, but it’s not as big of a difference as you’d expect.

While the MusclePharm Stealth Series supplement isn’t up there with the competition in some areas, it is equal if not better in others. The enhanced pumps and increased perfromance are its extra competitive effects, with everything combining for a C4 Ultimate like pre-workout experience.