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MyoBlox drops DMHA and follistatin for Skywalk version IV

MyoBlox Skywalk

It was only one month ago that we posted about MyoBlox solid nootropic formula Skywalk, promising laser focus and mental energy without any crash. The brand has now actually put together an all-new version of Skywalk that’s currently on pre-order and due to ship in less than one week on February 12th.

Energy and focus

When it comes to the differences between the previous version of Skywalk and the new, there aren’t all that many. In total, MyoBlox has swapped out four ingredients for four new additions, with the supplement still promoting the same energy and focus driven experience.

Formula changes

Starting with the consistent ingredients, Skywalk has carried over its heavy 3g of tyrosine, 800mg of alpha-GPC, theanine, noopept, Blox, and RealCaf providing 200mg of natural caffeine.

MyoBlox Skywalk

As for the ingredients that are different, the MyoBlox product no longer includes DMHA, follistatin, huperzine A, and AstraGin. In their place, the new Skywalk has the powerful stimulant eria jarensis, halostachine, the trademarked Nivadren galantamine, which is also in the brand’s fat burner Tetra, then lastly a new absorption enhancer with 10mg of piperine alkaloids.

Flavors and size

You can now pre-order MyoBlox’s all-new Skywalk directly through its website for a little more than its predecessor at $54.99 for 36 servings, or 18 servings if you want its well dosed two scoop serving. It also comes in two new flavors with Vanilla Cherry and Apple Crush, as well as Candy Bomb from the previous Skywalk.