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Up and coming MyoBlox taking on the growing nootropic category

MyoBlox Skywalk

MyoBlox is an up and coming supplement company that recently launched a new entry into the growing nootropic category. The product is called Skywalk which only furthers the brand’s already strong reputation, featuring a non-transparent but fairly loaded formula.

Benefits and effects

Skywalk from MyoBlox promises all the benefits you could want from a focus enhancing nootropic supplement. It promotes smooth energy without any crash, a boost in mental drive, memory support, mental focus, and an enhanced mood.


The formula for MyoBlox Skywalk is where things start to get quite interesting. Squeezed into the product’s maximum serving of two scoops are the transparent ingredients tyrosine at 3g and alpha-GPC (50%) at 800mg. Both of those are pretty hefty doses, more than what we’ve seen in a lot of the nootropic supplements we’ve positively reviewed.

MyoBlox Skywalk

As big as the two features above are, there is a lot more to the Skywalk formula. Also in the mix is a 770mg blend of RealCaf natural caffeine, theanine, the powerful stimulant DMHA, noopept, Blox micro peptides, and huperzine A. There is one last ingredient in there with 100mg of AstraGin to help enhance the absorption of everything.

Where to buy

There are a number of places you can get your hands on MyoBlox Skywalk including of course the brand’s own website. The retailer Natural Body is another option, which has it a few bucks cheaper than MyoBlox at $49.99 for a 38 serving tub (19 maximum), in three creative flavors, Candy Bomb, Shark Snack, and Sour Gummy.