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Optimum launches another delicious whipped protein product

Optimum Protein Whipped Bites

In the US as well as many other countries, Optimum Nutrition has a unique protein snack called Protein Cakes Bites, which comes in a variety of deliciously marketed flavors. Over in Australia and New Zealand Optimum has a slightly different protein snack with the similarly branded and truly enjoyable Protein Stix.

Another protein snack from Optimum Nutrition has now popped up that also looks like its availability is limited to a specific part of the world. The new product is named Protein Whipped Bites, and like Australia’s Protein Stix, it is branded very similarly to the protein-packed Cake Bites.

What is it

Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Whipped Bites is a whipped protein bar that comes in two pieces per pack, one less than the Cake Bites. It is essentially just as its title describes, a smooth whipped protein snack that comes in bite-sized pieces.

Optimum Protein Whipped Bites

Nutrition profile

Each two-piece pack of Protein Whipped Bites has a combined 20g of protein powered by a blend of milk and whey isolate, milk concentrate, and calcium caseinate. The other important macros for the protein snack are 28g of carbohydrates, with 1.9g of that sugar, 8.2g of fat (4.9g saturated), for a total of 243 calories.

As you can see above, the nutrition profile for Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Whipped Bites is pretty much the same as the Cake Bites. We also suspect that like Cake Bites, Whipped Bites’ macros may vary from flavor to flavor, as it comes in three delicious looking options with Chocolate, Strawberry & Cream, and Salted Caramel.

Available in the UK

One of the first places to show up with the Optimum Nutrition Protein Whipped Bites is the retailer Tropicana over in the UK, with a price of £28.79 ($40.56 USD) per box. Seeing as the snack has launched in the UK, that could mean its exclusive to the area as well as Europe, although we haven’t seen any official announcement from Optimum just yet.