Dymatize PreWO gets a new Pineapple Orange Crush flavor

dymatize prewo

Dymatize has just launched a new flavor for its fully loaded, 2017 released pre-workout supplement PreWO. The product was originally introduced a little over half a year ago in three flavors with Chilled Fruit Fusion, Handspun Cotton Candy, and Sweet Cherry Lime.

This week Dymatize has added a fourth flavor to PreWO’s sweet-sounding menu with the two fruit recipe Pineapple Orange Crush. There are a number of major supplement retailers already stocking the product, one of which is currently running a strong deal.

If you’re interested in Pineapple Orange Crush PreWO you can head to Bodybuilding.com where Dymatize’s PreWO is available at $60 for two tubs, instead of its usual $40 each.