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Protes announces that it’s launching a new product at the Arnold


Protes, maker of some delicious, vegan friendly protein chip, has joined the list of brands looking to unveil something at this weekend’s Arnold Expo. The brand has announced that it’ll be introducing an all-new product this Friday and sampling it at the Arnold in Columbus.

Based on the image Protes is using to tease its upcoming product, it looks like we are in for another protein snack. The teaser the brand is using also features two different colored bags of the mystery item, so not only are we in for a new product, but it may be coming in two flavors as well.

As previously confirmed, we are going to be in Columbus this weekend bringing you our usual live coverage of all the Arnold Expo action. You can check it out and follow along at, where you can now also look forward to seeing a post on a new Protes product.

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