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Scitec Nutrition goes white and gold for its new Diet Protein

Scitec Diet Protein

Scitec Nutrition has introduced the first entirely new supplement we’ve seen from the brand in a number of months. The major European company’s latest release is called Diet Protein, which is actually branded unlike any other Scitec product out there.

What is it

The new Scitec Diet Protein is a hybrid supplement bringing together weight loss and protein into the one formula. The combination includes common fat burning ingredients as well as a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins.

Each serving of Diet Protein provides 20g of protein from whey concentrate and calcium caseinate, 4g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of that sugar, 1.5g of fat (700mg saturated), for a total of 103 calories. As far as the primary weight loss ingredients go, Scitec has thrown in 324mg of carnitine l-tartrate, 250mg of CLA, and 125mg of green tea.

Possible series

As mentioned, Scitec Diet Protein does have a very different look to it compared to any of the brand’s other products featuring a white and gold color combination. Due to that, we wouldn’t be surprised if Scitec turns this into a series of some sort, leading to more fat loss infused supplements like an amino or pre-workout.

Flavors and size

You can read more about Scitec Nutrition’s latest creation on its website at By the looks of things, the brand has already officially launched it, so you can probably expect to see it in stores soon in the one rather small 13 serving tub size, in two tastes, Chocolate and Vanilla.