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SST Control is all about helping you control your appetite

sst control

One of the first supplements Performix released was a fat burner that has now expanded into a full-blown series of supplements. We are of course talking about the brand’s SST family, which in the coming weeks is getting another addition called SST Control.

What is it

The name of the latest Performix SST doesn’t exactly give much away, but it is a weight loss product. Where SST Control sets itself apart from all of the brand’s other SST fat burners is that it focuses primarily on helping you control your appetite and reduce calorie intake.


To ensure it comes through on its promises, Performix has packed SST Control with an 885mg blend of six main ingredients. Its formula includes glucomannan, garcinia cambogia, banaba extract, green coffee bean, cinnamon, and the patent-pending EatLess yeast hydrolysate peptide complex, proven to suppress appetite.

sst control

It is also worth mentioning that because SST Control features a stimulant free formula, it can be stacked with other Performix weight loss supplements. That includes any of the regular, stimulant powered SST fat burners as well as the brand’s upcoming SST Burn.

Release timeframe

According to Performix, its new SST Control is due to hit GNC shelves within the next few weeks. It is, however, due to hit the brand’s own website before then, with a direct launch expected sometime this week at