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Twinlab no longer makes BCAA products as it gears up for its EAA release


Last week Twinlab really made some noise with the launch of its educational website, Amino Authority. In short, it’s all about how EAAs are better at stimulating protein synthesis than the likes of BCAAs on their own and whey protein.

Twinlabs is, in fact, partnering with the Amino Doctor Dr. Robert Wolfe, for a unique new supplement featuring a patented combination of EAAs. Today we don’t have too much more to share on the topic of the upcoming product, but we do have a very interesting announcement from Twinlab itself.

The veteran supplement company has confirmed that it actually stopped making BCAA only products in the second half of last year. That’s certainly not something we’ve heard of any brand doing, but mostly it confirms just how strongly Twinlab believes in the major release it has coming.

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