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Flexx BCAAs gets a smaller, less cost-effective 30 serving tub size

Flexx BCAAs

Last year GAT unleashed its candy flavored and extremely competitive amino supplement Flexx BCAAs. It was the product’s price point that truly set it apart as it has a massive 60 servings per tub, with 7g of BCAAs per serving, and it’s available for just $38.

To give you an idea on just how competitive GAT’s Flexx BCAAs is, overall each full tub packs a hefty total of 420g of BCAAs. When you combine that with its price, it works out to the same value as you paying $13.60 for a tub that has 30 servings, with 5g of BCAAs per serving.

The main reason we’re putting Flexx BCAAs back in the spotlight today is that GAT has just launched it in a smaller size. The option is a 30 serving tub, available in the same four flavors as the original 60 serving with Jelly Bean, Orange Burst, Sour Ball, and Cotton Candy.

The new 30 serving Flexx BCAAs is, in fact, exclusive to the Vitamin Shoppe where it costs $26.99 per tub. That obviously isn’t as competitive as the 60 serving, as it gives you half the servings but only costs around 30% less.