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Alpha Amino Ultimate combines the original with a few extra benefits

Alpha Amino Ultimate is Cellucor’s latest addition to its advanced Ultimate Series of supplements. Just like all of the other products in the series, Alpha Amino Ultimate is essentially a better version of Alpha Amino with a few extra features to offer a few additional benefits.


Celucor’s Alpha Amino Ultimate actually has everything that’s in the original Alpha Amino. That includes 5g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio and 3.75g of EAAs to help with muscle recovery, and a 1.75g hydration and performance blend made up of BetaPower betaine, coconut water, and electrolytes.

alpha amino ultimate

To make Alpha Amino Ultimate live up to its name, in addition to the ingredients mentioned above, Cellucor has added three more features. Also in the formula is 3g of MyoeDge HMB with vitamin D3 for extra muscle health, gains, and function, 750mg of creatine HCl for strength, and 5mg of BioPerine black pepper to enhance absorption of everything.

Alpha Amino Ultimate essentially continues Cellucor’s theme of the Ultimate Series supplements being more advanced. It simply takes the original Alpha Amino formula then combines it with three more features to further help users with muscle growth and strength.

alpha amino ultimate


As far as flavors go, Cellucor has put together quite the unique menu for Alpha Amino Ultimate. Instead of the usual blue raspberry and fruit punch, the advanced Alpha Amino comes in three different options with Orange Sherbet, Blueberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Coconut.

Where to buy

The latest innovation from Cellucor is now available from the brand’s own online store at Alpha Amino Ultimate’s extra features do of course make it a little more expensive than the original Alpha Amino with a higher price tag at $39.99, and fewer servings with 20.