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Animal introduces its energized amino stack Spiked Aminos

animal spiked aminos

Animal has announced that it is getting ready to release another entirely new supplement this year called Spiked Aminos. It is along the same lines as the hardcore brand’s similarly named Juiced Aminos, however instead of combining aminos with pumps, Spiked Aminos is aminos and energy.

Animal describes its latest product as the energized amino stack featuring BCAAs and EAAs for recovery, taurine, and caffeine for energy. At the moment, those are the only ingredients we can confirm for Spiked Aminos with no word on dosing, although we suspect everything will be in good amounts seeing as it sounds like a straightforward formula.

While Animal has only just unveiled Spiked Aminos, it turns out we aren’t going to be waiting too long for the launch of the supplement. The energized amino stack is apparently dropping sometime next week with three flavors to choose from in Orange Mango, Fruit Punch, and Blue Raspberry.