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BPI Sports unveils its next pre-workout supplement One More Rep

The next evolution in BPI Sports long-running pre-workout 1MR has been unveiled, and it sees a slight change in the supplement’s name. The latest entry for the brand’s pre-workout family is called One More Rep, which is of course what the original title has always stood for.

What is it

Like a lot of good pre-workouts, the all-new BPI One More Rep promises an all-around type experience with a variety of effects. The benefits the brand is promoting for the product include improved energy, focus, muscle pumps, endurance, strength, recovery, and even weight loss.

bpi one more rep


To come through on its variety of effects, BPI has packed its latest pre-workout competitor with a variety of ingredients. The formula is half transparent and half non-transparent, with most of the energy ingredients coming in a 454mg proprietary blend and the rest listed with their exact doses.

On the transparent side, One More Rep features 3g of pure citrulline for performance support, half a gram each of beetroot, betaine, and n-acetylcysteine, and lastly a gram of carnitine tartrate for energy production and fat metabolism.

bpi one more rep

Rounding out the BPI One More Rep formula is its non-transparent energy blend, made up of another five ingredients. That includes Himalayan pink salt, theobromine, yohimbe, phosphatidylcholine, and the classic stimulant, caffeine.


BPI Sports’ new pre-workout competitor is due to hit shelves sometime soon in the one 25 serving tub size. It’ll also have a list of flavors to choose from with a total of four in Fruit Punch, Hurricane Orange, Berry Splash, and Raspberry Tea.