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Cellucor IsoPro featuring Pronativ grass-fed native whey isolate

The supplement giant Cellucor is coming out with an all-new protein powder called IsoPro. The product falls into the extremely high-quality category, featuring a premium protein source that you won’t find in many other protein supplements.

What is it

Cellucor IsoPro is a protein powder powered by Pronativ, grass-fed, native whey isolate. While whey isolate is already one of the cleanest forms of protein you can find, native whey isolate takes things even further.

Typically whey protein is extracted during the production of cheese, whereas native whey is extracted directly from milk. The result is a protein that doesn’t go through any high-temperature processes, which better maintains the natural properties of whey as well as provides 15% more leucine.

cellucor IsoPro


Each serving of IsoPro keeps everything pretty lean, providing the usual 25g of protein per serving with a light calorie count of just 110. The new Cellucor protein powder also comes in a unique lineup of flavors with Strawberry Splash, Orange Citrus, and Fruity Cereal.


Cellucor IsoPro is due to launch sometime soon in just the one tub size packing a total of 24 servings. Compared to more mainstream proteins like the brand’s own Cor Whey, IsoPro will likely be a bit more expensive although that is expected when the protein source is native whey isolate.