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Amino9 clinically shown to increase anabolism through muscle protein synthesis


As well as introducing its 20 times more bioavailable CBD nextCBD, Compound Solutions has introduced another new and innovative ingredient called Amino9. It is a unique, clinically substantiated blend of all nine essential amino acids, which includes the three more known BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Compound Solutions’ specific blend of EAAs in Amino9 aims to provide the body what it needs to optimize muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Rather than just rely on MPS, the company is also sponsoring a study to analyze strength, endurance, and body composition benefits.

According to Compound Solutions, the way its Amino9 works is relatively simple. It has been clinically shown through that enhanced MPS to increase anabolism, which is what you want to build muscle, and limit catabolism or muscle breakdown, which is obviously what you want less of.


In Compound Solutions’ promotional material it highlights a number of facts that’ll certainly make you consider grabbing a supplement containing Amino9 when you see one. The list includes that EAAs stimulate 50% more MPS than BCAAs as well as just as much as whey protein but with a lower insulin spike.

A few other details worth mentioning for Amino9 are that it’s easy for brands to flavor, mixes clear, it’s stable for RTDs, and has a vegan option coming soon. A full page of information on Amino9 can be found on Compound Solutions’ website at