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Compound Solutions introduces its 20 times more bioavailable nextCBD


Compound Solutions, the company behind the popular energy ingredients TeaCrine and Dynamine, has announced a new innovation called nextCBD. It is a pure, more bioavailable patented version of CBD, a non-psychoactive ingredient with a variety of health and wellness benefits.

The primary feature of Compound Solutions’ nextCBD is its bioavailability. The company claims that its CBD is in fact 20 times more bioavailable than regular CBD that uses an olive oil carrier and it is completely water soluble.


The unique highlights of nextCBD mean it can be used in a variety of products and you’ll need a lot less of it to get the desired benefits. Compound Solutions’ examples of that better bioavailability are that you’ll need 200mg of regular CBD to match just 10mg of nextCBD.

The way Compound Solutions produces nextCBD is it’s extracted from US grown hemp then encased in a proprietary bioavailability matrix to give it that superior absorption. More information can be found on the company’s website and don’t be surprised if you start seeing nextCBD in products in the very near future.