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Costco now has a 6lb bag of ISO100 for a competitive $74.99

dymatize iso100

Dymatize has announced this week that it is now available at Costco with one of its most popular supplements. The item the veteran company has launched through the wholesaler is its well-known whey isolate protein powder ISO100, and in an exclusive size.

The product fans of Dymatize will find at Costco is now the biggest size available of ISO100 with a large 90 serving, 6lb bag. It is 20% heavier than the previous biggest size of ISO100 which was the traditional 5lb tub packing a total of around 76 servings.

The price on Costco’s ISO100 is where things really heat up, as the store has it online at for the same price as and Muscle & Strength have a 5lb ISO100. The cost of the 6lb ISO100 is just $74.99, meaning you’d need to buy a 5lb for $62.50 to match the value.

Dymatize has put together four different flavors of its larger ISO100 for Costco including Vanilla, Birthday Cake, Orange Dreamsicle, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. To top it off the flavors are all sweetened with stevia and free of artificial colors and flavors.