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GAT releases its Essentials Series Zentab for stress relief and sleep support

gat zentab

GAT’s family of basic supplements called the Essentials Series, has grown once again this week with a product we’d actually say isn’t all that basic compared to the rest of the line. The supplement is called Zentab and it’s designed to support stress relief and help you get a good night’s sleep.

As mentioned the formula behind GAT Zentab is quite complex with a lot more than your typical basic’s one or two ingredients. It packs eight main features alongside a handful of vitamins and minerals. You can see its full facts panel below including highlights such as melatonin, hops, and 200mg of ashwagandha.

gat zentab

Zentab is already available through GAT’s own online store at where the brand’s products aren’t too badly priced, especially with the sales it runs. A full 30 serving bottle of the new supplement will cost you $27.99, making it one of the highest priced GAT Essentials at the same price as Agmatine and BCAA Powder.