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Insane Labz mystery yellow series will have fully disclosed labels

insane labz

Earlier this year Insane Labz released a preview of a supplement that looks very different from anything else in its current lineup. The product is called #Pre or Pre, and it comes in a brightly colored yellow tub with a black lid and print.

While we’re still unsure as to what’s in Insane Labz upcoming Pre; this week a lot more information has been revealed on what the new look and supplement is all about. It turns out Pre is not the only brightly branded product on the way from Insane Labz, there is actually at least two more.

Two other hashtag supplements have been unveiled with #Pre being joined by #Amino and #Burn. Based on the names we’re guessing that Pre is a pre-workout, Amino is some sort of amino or BCAA formula, and Burn a weight loss product.

insane labz

Another key piece of information that Insane Labz has shared for its new yellow series is that all of the supplements will have fully disclosed labels. That is a big change for the brand as most of the products we’ve seen from it use proprietary blends, so you don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

Insane Labz is currently promoting #Pre, #Amino, and #Burn with a launch date of Tuesday the 1st of May. That is just short of eight weeks from today, and something we are in fact looking forward to now knowing that it will be a move to full transparency.