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Blackstone’s ISO-Cream is the bodybuilder’s protein ice cream

blackstone labs iso cream

Blackstone Labs has brought its new whey isolate powered protein ice cream ISO-Cream to this year’s Arnold Expo in Columbus. The product was said to be extremely delicious but best of all it packs a nutrition profile far better than other protein snacks with 38g of protein for as low as 266 calories.


Being at the Arnold, we did finally get to try Blackstone Labs’ ISO-Cream, and it is quite impressive. It isn’t as delicious as real ice cream, but close, if not on par with flavors of the widely available Halo Top protein ice cream.

All three of the ISO-Cream flavors deliver on their title tastes, with the most surprising one being the Vanilla Cookie Dough. While we are big fans of chocolate, Blackstone has really managed to do something a little extra with this one as it comes through on a strong mix of both a vanilla taste and sweet cookie dough.


One other thing we got more information on at the Arnold about ISO-Cream is how consumers are going to be able to get it. Blackstone Labs has said it will be hitting its website in roughly two weeks’ time with a price it has not yet finalized. What we can confirm are the shipping options you’ll have if you’re interested in grabbing ISO-Cream.

According to Blackstone Labs, ISO-Cream will be available in cases of six, single pint tubs and you will be able to mix up the flavors. The cost of shipping is expected to be a flat rate of $15 or less, so that is all you’ll pay regardless of if you order one case or five.

It is also worth mentioning that whatever the cost of ISO-Cream turns out to be, you will be able to use your usual discount codes. Whether it be one from a Blackstone athlete or our Stack3d Insider coupon for 20% off, you will be able to take advantage of it with ISO-Cream.