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Blackstone Labs’ highly anticipated ISO-Cream launches for $8 per pint

iso cream

After successfully sampling the product at this year’s Arnold Expo, where we also got to try it for the first time. Blackstone Labs’ highly anticipated high protein ice cream ISO-Cream, is now finally here. The hardcore brand has officially made it available for order through its website at

As a quick rundown (full details) on the sweet, ice cream snack, each tub of ISO-Cream provides you with a strong 38g of protein from whey protein isolate. Combined with the rest of the macros in the supplement, you can get a calorie total of between 266 to 294 depending on the flavor, which is better than most protein bars.

Getting back to the big announcement, as mentioned Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream is now available to order directly through the brand’s website. The way it works is pretty simple, the product will cost you $10 per pint with $8 being for the ISO-Cream and $2 for shipping.

You can only order ISO-Cream in lots of six single pint tubs, nine, or 12, so it’s essentially a minimum of six. As promised you can choose your combination of flavors whether it be all of one, two of each, or half and half. The flavors you have to choose from are Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Cookie Dough.

The protein ice cream also ships separately to anything else you order through, and it only ships on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re a part of our Stack3d Insider you can also use your exclusive coupon code to save 20%, which discounts ISO-Cream down to $8 per pint including shipping.