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Get a free tub of C4 with Cellucor’s new native whey IsoPro for $39.99

cellucor isopro

Cellucor’s all-new Pronativ, native whey powered protein powder, IsoPro, is now available. The supplement was only just unveiled a few days ago at the start of the week, confirming all of its major highlights as well as its unique menu of Strawberry Splash, Orange Citrus, and Fruity Cereal.

Before we get into the availability of Cellucor IsoPro, we do also now have the rest of its details to share. Previously we didn’t know the product’s entire nutrition profile, something we do have for you today. As expected IsoPro has a lean mix of macros with each serving providing 25g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar, half a gram of fat, for a low total of 110 calories.

cellucor isopro

The first place that has shown up with stock of Cellucor’s all-new IsoPro is of course the brand’s own website at As previously mentioned, being a grass-fed native whey isolate protein it was always going to be a bit more expensive than your typical protein, with Cellucor’s direct price on IsoPro being $39.99.

While that cost does sound quite expensive, Cellucor is actually running a pretty solid deal on IsoPro right now. If you buy a full 24 serving tub from, the brand will throw in a free 30 serving bottle of C4 and free shipping. Considering C4 be found for anywhere from $20 to $40, that is an impressive deal, especially if you’re a fan of C4.