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Muscletech combines goBHB and whey for its second keto product

muscletech keto protein

When we first heard about Muscletech’s 100% Keto Series, there was mention of two separate products. The first one was introduced last month with 100% Keto Plus, combining goBHB ketones with a blend of amino acids. The brand’s second keto formula has now been completely unveiled, introducing 100% Keto Protein.

Similar to how Muscletech’s Keto Plus combines goBHB ketones with aminos, the latest 100% Keto product combines 4g of goBHB with protein. It also features 4.3g of goMCT (supplying 3g of MCTs) as a healthy source of fats and to provide a steady source of energy as well as optimize ketone production.

muscletech keto protein

The exact nutrition profile for Muscletech’s 100% Keto Protein is led by 20g of protein with whey as the source. You then have the other macros, 3g of carbohydrates with a gram of that fiber and 2g sugar, 5g of fat (4g saturated), and a total of 140 calories.

Muscletech’s second Keto Series supplement is not yet available anywhere, although it does look like it’ll be hitting shelves very soon. When it does eventually show up in stores, there will be just the one size and flavor to choose from with a Chocolate, 24 serving tub.