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Cellucor launches P6 Ultra, its best value testosterone booster

cellucor p6 ultra

Just as it did at the end of last year for SuperHD, Cellucor has released a new Ultra Series version of its testosterone booster P6. The new P6 Ultra is a similar style product to SuperHD Ultra, where the brand has simplified the formula into a more cost-effective supplement.

What is it

Cellucor’s new P6 Ultra is like all of the other products in the P6 family and designed to help boost testosterone. What makes it slightly different from the other P6s, is that it is much cheaper. It does however still feature a lot of the main ingredients from the likes of the regular red P6 and P6 Ultimate.


When it comes to the formula of P6 Ultra, it should come as no surprise that being the cheapest P6 it does feature slightly fewer ingredients than the other P6s. In total it has five main ingredients with three of those five also found in the red P6 formula.

cellucor p6 ultra

Powering Cellucor’s P6 Ultra is a 1.45g blend of KSM-66 ashwagandha, fenugreek, maca, agaricus bisporus, and panax ginseng. The five-piece combination is designed to support healthy testosterone levels, improve muscle strength and size, reduce estrogen production, and help support sexual drive.

Where to buy

The new P6 Ultra is already in stock and available for purchase from in the one 30 serving size. The price of it as mentioned extremely cost-effective compared to all of the other P6s as well as other testosterone boosters, coming in at just $19.99.