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PhD Nutrition adds a flapjack style bar to its delicious Smart Series

phd smartjack

PhD Nutrition has expanded its Smart Series of protein products once again this week, adding another protein snack to the list. The whole line started out with the UK brand’s Smart Protein Bar, which comes in a killer Dark Choc Raspberry flavor. It was then joined by the Smart Bar Spread then a lot more recently, the Smart Protein Powder.

What is it

The latest addition to PhD Nutrition’s growing Smart family is the SmartJack. As mentioned, it is another protein snack that sets itself apart from the brand’s original Smart Bar by being a flapjack style protein bar. These kinds of bars are quite a bit different from your typical protein bar as they’re mostly made of oats, giving them a distinctive consistency.

phd smartjack

Nutrition profile

The nutrition profile for Nutrition’s new SmartJack isn’t actually all that bad compared to some of the other flapjack style bars we’ve seen. The macros do vary from flavor to flavor with the Triple Chocolate SmartJack providing 15g of protein, 26g of carbohydrates with 8.6g of that sugar, 2.1g of fiber, 8.2g of fat, for a total of 226 calories.

In total SmartJack comes in three flavors with the other two available alongside Triple Chocolate being Chocolate Peanut and the least calorie dense, Blueberry Muffin. While the macros do vary from flavor to flavor, like with most bars, SmartJack’s protein amount is consistent across the menu at 15g.

phd smartjack

Where to buy

PhD Nutrition has made its new protein snack immediately available for purchase through its online store at Direct from the brand, a full box of SmartJack bars will cost you £17.99 ($25.29 USD), which is quite competitive considering that is without any discount and you get 12 bars per box.