An actual picture surfaces of the Pepperoni Pizza One Bar

Mar 29th, 2018
pepperoni pizza one bar

A couple of days ago One Brands and Real Good Foods released an image of a cobranded Pepperoni Pizza One Bar. The product is said to be exactly what it sounds like, a limited edition Pepperoni Pizza flavor of One Brands’ popular One Bar, made with the help of the brand behind Real Good Pizza.

Because this has surfaced a few days out from April Fools’ Day, we do heavily suspect that the brands are playing a well-planned prank. Either way, another picture of that unique Pepperoni Pizza One Bar has surfaced, and this one looks a lot more real.

The image features two hands, each holding a Pepperoni Pizza One Bar, that does a great job at making the protein bar actually seem real. We’re not 100% convinced and still feel it may be a solid April Fools’ Day prank, although we are hoping it’s real as it would undoubtedly be a unique release.