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Divided Labs throwing in a free tub of Aminovide with Previde XP pre-orders

previde xp

Divided Labs’ all-new pre-workout supplement Previde XP, which was unveiled in detail last week. Has been made available for pre-order this week through the brand’s website, just as it promised. The updated Previde is a lot like the previous version, although it has dropped a handful of ingredients in favor of TeaCrine and the performance enhancer PeakATP.

As mentioned, you can now pre-order Divided Labs all-new Previde XP through its official online store at It comes in the one 20 serving tub size and just the one Tropical Twist flavor, with a regular price of $44.95.

Being the launch of a major product, Divided Labs has, of course, put together a special deal for those that pre-order Previde XP. Along with the pre-workout for $44.95, the brand is throwing in a full tub of its amino Aminovide. Also, if you’re a Stack3d Insider you get 15% discount on Divided Labs, dropping the Previde and Aminovide set to only $38.