Previde XP gets better energy and performance with TeaCrine and Peak ATP

previde xp

Divided Labs has upgraded its pre-workout supplement Previde to a new and improved version called Previde XP. The updated edition features just a handful of changes compared to its predecessor, so fans of Previde will more than likely enjoy the sequel Previde XP.


As far as the overall goal of Previde XP goes, Divided Labs is still aiming to deliver the same sort of all-around experience. The product promises enhanced energy and focus, strength and power, and improved pumps and endurance. Where the pre-workout changes a little is with the ingredients included to deliver those effects.


The formula of Previde XP does maintain a lot of the major features from Previde including 6g of pure citrulline, 1.5g of HydroMax glycerol, 300mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC, and more. Where things get a bit different is the supplement no longer has elevATP, higenamine, halostachine, or hordenine.

previde xp

In place of the four removed ingredients, Divided Labs has added two all-new features to Previde XP. Instead of higenamine, halostachine, and hordenine, there is TeaCrine dosed at a solid 100mg per serving to help with energy and focus. As for elevATP, that’s been traded out for the performance enhancer and research-backed PeakATP at 450mg per serving.


Divided Labs has simply improved Previde where it could, tweaking enough areas to make it new and interesting as well as just enough to please fans of the original. Previde XP is not available yet but will be going online for pre-order next week where you will have the chance to pick it up with some sort of deal.