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REPP Sports unveils its fast and slow digesting protein powder Whey+

repp sports whey

Just shy of two months after releasing a teaser image for it, REPP Sports has officially unveiled its first ever protein supplement. The name of the product is Whey+, confirming that its primary source of protein is, of course, whey protein.

There are a few other details REPP’s unveiling of Whey+ has revealed, including that it provides 21g of protein per serving and features a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins. We do know whey protein is one of its sources, so that blend could be a mix of something like whey and casein, or even all whey protein.

Everything we need to know about REPP Sports Whey+ is due to drop next month as that is when the supplement is going to be available. If you do plan on grabbing this one as soon as it drops, be sure to sign up to our Insider as it currently gets subscribers 20% off everything at