Shakesphere goes simpler again with its new Shakesphere Tumbler


Shakesphere, the brand behind the spherical supplement shaker of the same name, has unveiled an even simpler version of its unique product. It was actually late last year that Shakesphere did exactly that, launching the Shakesphere Max, which is like the original Shakesphere but simpler, going without the sliding door capsule section.

Officially being introduced this week is the Shakesphere Tumbler, that takes the unique no corner, spherical shaker design and makes it simpler once again. The new Shakesphere Tumbler is the same as the regular Shakesphere but it doesn’t come with any of the additional features, so it’s essentially just the bottle.

The brand has yet to make its Shakesphere Tumbler available for purchase anywhere, currently only promoting it as “coming soon”. It will certainly be interesting to see the price on this one as the Shakesphere Max, which is bigger than the original but also simpler, surprisingly got a slightly more expensive price tag.

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