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4+ Nutrition turns Smootein into a creamy high protein spread

smootein protein spread

Last year our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition launched a great tasting protein powder called Smootein. Based on the name we initially thought it was going to be some sort of smooth spread, which as it turns out is exactly what the brand has introduced this month.

Now available from 4+ Nutrition is a spreadable spin-off of Smootein that goes by the lengthier name, Smootein Protein Spread. It is a smooth creamy spread infused with milk protein providing each serving with 3.2g of protein, 5.9g of fat, and 5g of carbohydrates with only 200mg of that sugar.

As per usual, 4+ Nutrition has immediately made its latest product available through its Italian store at It costs €12 (14.81 USD) for a 450g jar with four delicious flavors to choose from in Coconut Cream & Almond, Choconut, White Choco & Raspberry Cheesecake, and Choco White.