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4+ Nutrition launches its uniquely flavored whey protein Smootein


The Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition is back for another week with yet another entirely new product, that once again involves a creative use of protein. The new innovation from the brand is called Smootein, which is intended to be a great tasting protein powder supplement.

4+ Nutrition’s new Smootein features a relatively straightforward formula, with its one and only protein source being whey protein concentrate. It gives the product a typical nutrition profile providing 23g of protein per serving along with 1.5g of fat, less than 2g of carbohydrates, and a total of 111 calories.

As mentioned it is the flavor where Smootein has its point of difference, with the brand saying it combines a creamy consistency and great taste based on favorite Italian flavors. The options making up the supplement’s unique menu include Ice Cream Vanilla, Choco Peanut & Caramel, White Choco Strawberry, Choco Caramel & Almond, Wafer & Hazelnut Cream, and Coconut Cream & Almond.

The new 4+ Nutrition creation is already out and available for purchase through its official online Italian store at You’ll find Smootein on there at a price of €18 ($20.94 USD) for a relatively small 450g bag, which is just enough for 15 servings.