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Yummy Sports is unveiling four new ISO protein flavors for Easter

yummy sports protein

Easter is going to be extra special for fans of the flavor marketed brand Yummy Sports this year, as it plans on introducing a number of new products. Come this weekend, the brand will four all-new flavors for its deliciously marketed protein powder simply named ISO.

The Yummy Sports supplement does already come in six different options including Nutellaz, Caramilkz, Pop Tartz, Coffee Crizp, White Chocolate, and Reezez. From what we know, the four new flavors coming will be a lot like those mentioned, in that they’re based on real chocolate and candy treats.

Yummy Sports does appear to have dropped a clue for at least one of the flavors, hinting at either an M&M or Smarties protein flavor. As mentioned, they’re all due to be unveiled this weekend for Easter, so be sure to stay tuned if you’re interested in seeing what they are.