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4+ Nutrition brings its 5th 4Plus Team supplement to FIBO

hydra match

While we have already shared an impressive amount of entirely new supplements from 4+ Nutrition from the 2018 FIBO Expo. It turns out the Italian brand does in fact have one more item on show at the event called Hydra Match.

Like all of the other new products we’ve been given a first look at FIBO by 4+ Nutrition, we haven’t seen the full formula behind Hydra Match. We can, however, gather a lot from just the front of its packaging as well as its name.

4+ Nutrition’s Hydra Match is described as a carbohydrate, electrolyte and vitamin formula. It appears to be a supplement you use during physical activity as a source of performance fuel as well as something that’ll ensure you stay hydrated.

Based on the name it does sound like Hydra Match is also a part of 4+ Nutrition 4Plus Team Series, which is its new line of products marketed towards soccer players. This would be the fifth of seven planned 4Plus Team supplements, with the others being Post Match, R-Gen Joint, Acu Joint, and Shot Pre-Match.