5% Nutrition is launching a new pre-workout stronger than Kill It

Apr 4th, 2018
five percent pre-workout

Just as the brand promised, Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has officially launched its all-new protein bar this week, the keto style KTCO Bar. While that is certainly great news for fans of the brand, the launch has actually arrived with a separate, possibly even more exciting announcement.

5% Nutrition has confirmed that the KTCO Bar is due to be followed closely by another new supplement that the brand describes as “the next big thing”. After reaching out to 5% Nutrition, we can tell you that the next big thing is, in fact, going to be an all-new stimulant pre-workout said to be stronger than Kill It.

All the brand is saying at the moment is that the upcoming pre-workout will be bigger and better, and separate from Kill It. We don’t know the name or any ingredients just yet, but based on how quickly 5% Nutrition went from reveal to release for the KTCO Bar, more info on the pre-workout could be along very soon.

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