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Applied Nutrition launches its basic, eight-piece Vitality Series

applied nutrition vitality series

Applied Nutrition has been on a roll as of late, revealing and releasing quite a few entirely new supplements. Today the brand is keeping everything going with the introduction of not just one new product, but an entire series of new products.

The latest from Applied Nutrition is called the Vitality Series, which is essentially a family of basic supplements. The UK brand does already have basic style formulas out and available on the market, with this line seemingly being more about vitamins and minerals instead of the likes of creatine and carnitine.

The Applied Nutrition Vitality Series consists of eight different products all named after the ingredients they contain. There is Vitamin B12, Vitamin-B Complex, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Milk Thistle, Multi-Vitamin Complex, Calcium & Magnesium, and lastly, Vitamin C.

According to Applied Nutrition, the new Vitality Series is now available so you can probably expect to see it on shelves and online soon. If you’re attending FIBO this weekend, you’ll also likely get the chance to see the line in person along with the brand’s many other new supplements.