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Black Skull hits FIBO with a very interesting version of Bone Crusher

black skull bone crusher

One of the few brands we tend to see at all of the major supplement expos we visit each year is the Brazilian company Black Skull. At this weekend’s FIBO Expo in Cologne, the brand does have a rather large presence as well as a handful of products available for purchase.

One of the supplements we spotted at its FIBO booth is its pre-workout Bone Crusher; however, it features a formula we’ve never see on the product before. The facts panel for the Bone Crusher at FIBO can be seen below which as far as ingredients go, it is somewhat bare.

black skull bone crusher

According to the label on Black Skull’s Bone Crusher, it has 10 calories with a gram of carbohydrates and 2g of something called the Energetx Blend. From what we can see it doesn’t say anywhere what’s in that blend, and even in the other ingredients section it just lists “Energetx Blend” again followed by maltodextrin.

Black Skull is selling its Bone Crusher pre-workout here at FIBO for €25 per 60 serving tub (30.85 USD). It’s exactly €10 cheaper than the all-new pre-workout GN Labs has launched at the European expo, T1 Virus, which we did decide to purchase based on its impressive formula.