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PhD Nutrition launches a lean meal version of Diet Whey

diet whey lean mrp

Following the recent expansion of its Smart Series of protein products with the flapjack style protein bar, SmartJack. The UK company PhD Nutrition has expanded another one of its long-running lines of supplements, introducing another addition to its Diet Whey family.

What is it

The latest product from PhD Nutrition is a meal replacement formula called Diet Whey Lean MRP. It is essentially a light meal supplement featuring a little more protein than carbohydrates, with the “Lean” part of its name coming from its inclusion of the weight loss ingredients carnitine and match tea.


Each serving of PhD Nutrition’s new Diet Whey Lean MRP provides 26g of protein from a blend of milk and whey concentrate as well as soy protein isolate. Its other macros are 16g of carbohydrates primarily from whole grain oats, less than a gram of sugar, 3.6g of fat (less than a gram saturated), and a total of 209 calories.

diet whey lean mrp

As mentioned, Diet Whey Lean MRP also features two ingredients for weight loss support with matcha tea, and carnitine dosed at 550mg per serving. Regarding flavors, PhD Nutrition has launched the meal replacement in four options with Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Cheesecake.

Where to buy

PhD Nutrition’s all-new Diet Whey Lean MRP is already in stock and available through its website at The price on a full 14 serving tub of the product is £19.99 (28.12 USD) or £15.99 if you qualify for the brand’s sign up offer.