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Second Guzman edition Ghost Legend gets more bonus caffeine than the first

blue lime ghost legend

Yesterday Ghost officially unveiled its second limited edition, flavor collaboration with its team member Christian Guzman. The upcoming product is going to be a Blue Lime flavor of the pre-workout Ghost Legend and feature a special bright white and blue color theme on the outside.

Ghost has also now released the formula behind its second Christian Guzman flavor, confirming that it does indeed have extra caffeine like their first limited Legend. That extra caffeine is, however, a little bit more this time around with 250mg of caffeine per serving compared to the previous Guzman Edition’s 237mg and the regular version’s 202mg.

blue lime ghost legend

The launch of the second Christian Guzman edition Ghost Legend has still yet to be confirmed, although if it’s like most Ghost releases, we will get an exact date when we get closer. The product is expected to be available first through the lifestyle brand’s website where Legend has a regular price of $44.99.