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Grape Nitraflex coming soon and exclusive to the distributor Europa

grape nitraflex

Back in January GAT asked fans to help decide what flavor they would like to see next for the brand’s pre-workout Nitraflex. There were five fruity flavors for voters to choose from with Peach Mango, Grape, Cherry Limeade, Passion Fruit, and Pink Lemonade.

GAT then said it would count up all of those original votes, pick the two most popular, and have live voting at this year’s Arnold Classic to decide the winner. This week, the brand has revealed that we will, in fact, be seeing a new Grape Nitraflex on shelves very soon.

It has also been confirmed that GAT’s Grape Nitraflex is being brought to you exclusively through the supplement distributor Europa. What that means is that it’ll only be available at stores that are supplied by Europa, which fortunately for GAT fans is a lot of places.