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ANS Performance unveils its MCT and nootropic powered Ketomate


Since introducing its first ever ketogenic supplement Ketosys, there was always mention of ANS Performance eventually turning that into a full family of keto products. This week the brand has finally done that, introducing its second ketogenic supplement Ketomate.

For now, ANS Performance has only previewed its new Ketomate and provided a short description of what it’s designed to do. The product is essentially an MCT powered formula that you can throw into your morning coffee or beverage of choice as a zero sugar creamer.

Ketomate will provide a total of 6g of coconut oil sourced MCTs per serving, as well as some nootropic ingredients to boost mental energy and performance. It is due to launch in roughly six to eight weeks time in two coffee creamer style flavors with French Vanilla and Caramel Macchiato.