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LionEdge introduces its AminoZorb powered BCAA Edge

lionedge post edge

BCAA Edge is one of the entirely new supplements LionEdge Nutrition plans on adding to its growing lineup of products in the coming weeks. It will join the brand’s currently, one and only formula, the packed out post-workout solution, Post Edge.

LionEdge Nutrition’s BCAA Edge is a little bit different from Post Edge, in that it doesn’t feature a formula that’s as complex. The supplement is an amino cocktail packed with ingredients to support lean muscle mass, muscle recovery, as well as hydration and performance.

lionedge bcaa edge

BCAA Edge has three main features to it, including of course the one thing you’ll find in most amino formulas, BCAAs. The product’s BCAAs are in fact water soluble AminoZorb branded BCAAs dosed at 5g per serving, with the other ingredients being electrolytes and 1.5g of the muscle protein synthesis enhancer Velositol.

As mentioned LionEdge Nutrition plans on launching its amino competitor sometime within the next few weeks alongside its updated Post Edge and other entirely new items. It’ll be available in the one 30 serving tub size with two tastes to choose from in Sour Mango Peach Rings and Wild Cherry Cola.