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Evogen’s potent Lipocide Xtreme is built for more than just energy

lipocide xtreme

Evogen Nutrition’s more potent Lipocide Xtreme has officially launched today, and as promised it is indeed a stimulant powered supplement. While it may be a high energy formula, like all of the brand’s previous Lipocide releases, Lipocide Xtreme is still primarily a fat burner.

The all-new Lipocide Xtreme has been built to support appetite control, accelerate metabolism, and improve energy and focus. The combination of effects is quite promising if the product does, of course, come through on everything, especially the appetite control as that’s not something we see done well all that often.

lipocide xtreme

The list of ingredients behind Lipocide Xtreme is as you’d expect, fairly heavy on the stimulants. It includes 200mg of caffeine and a 508mg non-transparent blend carrying the rest of Evogen’s formula with Advanta-Z, DMAE, Dynamine, mucuna pruriens, evodia rutaecarpa, yohimbe, griffonia simplifolia, CapsiMax, and BioPerine.

The first place stocking Evogen’s latest Lipocide creation is its own website at The weight loss supplement has been priced exactly the same as Evogen’s regular flavored Lipocide IR at $49.95 for a 60 serving bottle, which will last you 30 days on its recommended two servings per day.