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Mars unveils its upcoming HiProtein and Protein Flapjack bars

mars hiprotein bar

Just two weeks out from the 2018 BodyPower Expo, where Mars recently confirmed it would be introducing some sort of new protein bar. The candy company has gone and unveiled not just one, but four all-new protein bars that will be debuted at the major UK event.

Despite hoping for something from Mars that involved a candy bar it hadn’t combined with protein just yet. The four protein infused products are in fact all spin-offs of previous protein releases. The list includes Snickers HiProtein and Mars HiProtein, which are just like the original Snickers and Mars Protein Bars but with 22g of protein instead of 18/19g.

mars hiprotein bar

The other two new products from Mars are protein-infused, oat-based flapjack style bars with the Bounty Protein Flapjack and Snickers Protein Flapjack. They obviously have a little less protein than the HiProtein bars, packing 16g of protein each, their overall calorie counts, however, are actually lower at 223 for the Snickers Flapjack and 218 for Bounty.

As mentioned, Mars plans on debuting all four of its exciting protein bar launches at this year’s BodyPower Expo over in the UK. We’ll certainly make sure we give each of them a try, especially the HiProtein products, as it will be interesting to see if the extra protein gives the bars a different taste compared to the regular versions.