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Optimum Nutrition’s Whipped Bites are a lot softer than its Cake Bites

optimum protein whipped bites

Earlier this year Optimum Nutrition launched a new protein snack in the UK and Europe called Protein Whipped Bites. Fortunately for us, there is a retailer at this weekend’s FIBO Expo in Germany where we got the chance to purchase the product and find out exactly what it’s like.

For those that missed our original post on the snack, each packet of Optimum’s Whipped Bites comes with two protein packed pieces. Together they provide the usual 20g of protein from a blend of casein, milk, and whey protein sources, with 28g of carbohydrates, 8.2g of fat, for an overall total of 243 calories.

We did initially suspect that the Protein Whipped Bites would be kind of like Optimum’s similarly branded Protein Cake Bites available in the US. After biting into the product, we discovered that is the case, although compared to the Cakes Bites we’d say the Whipped Bites are slightly better.

optimum protein whipped bites

Despite the Optimum Protein Whipped Bites coming in two pieces and the Cakes Bites in three, they do have a similar build with a soft doughy center and solid flavor coating. Where the Whipped Bites are a little better is that their center is significantly softer, making the snack a whole lot easier to eat.

The product’s three options do still seem to pack the same amount of actual flavor as the Cake Bites with the Strawberry & Cream being the best of the lineup. It’s sweet strawberry flavor really hits right from the first bite, whereas the title tastes of Chocolate and Salted Caramel get lost a bit in that softer center.