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Performix launches three, special edition dual flavors for ION V2X

The Terra Bead brand Performix, has put together a handful of new special edition flavors for its V2X Series pre-workout ION. The flavors have all been branded in a very different set of colors with a much brighter mix compared to the ION V2X’s usual black and orange.

Performix’s special edition ION V2X flavors actually have a unique feature to them, which is that they’re not just one flavor. Each one is, in fact, two tastes that can either be taken separately or combined together as the paired flavors do all compliment one another.

special edition ion v2x

As for what the flavors are, there is Iced Tea and Lemonade, Cherry and Lime, and lastly, Grape and Strawberry. The special edition products come with a total of 30 servings per package, so in between ION V2X’s two regular sizes, with 15 servings of each of their title tastes.

The new Performix pre-workout flavors are all now available online through the brand’s retail partner, GNC. A full two taste tub will cost you $59.99, making them just as cost-effective as ION V2X’s smaller 20 serving tub as well as its larger 35 serving.