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Neogenix introduces Velocity Nutrition and its self-titled pre-workout

The veteran supplement company Neogenix, has separated into a second brand called Velocity Nutrition. It has officially launched itself this week with the one brand named pre-workout, Velocity. Longtime Neogenix fans will recognize Velocity as the title of its original pre-workout, with the previously most recent version being Velocity Ultra.

What is it

Velocity Nutrition’s all-new, self-titled product is essentially the latest evolution of Neogenix’s Velocity pre-workout. It’s designed to deliver a powerful combination of increased energy, mental focus, strength, and endurance, for the “ultimate stimulant-based all-in-one pre-workout system.”


The new Velocity pre-workout from Velocity Nutrition features a fully transparent formula with a combination of ten different ingredients to deliver the experience highlighted above. Most of the supplement’s ingredients are quite common, although the brand has said they come together to deliver a rather unique, synergistic experience.

velocity nutrition

For performance and endurance Velocity includes 3.2g of beta-alanine and 3g of creatine anhydrous, then for pumps you get 3g of pure citrulline and a gram of agmatine. Rounding out the formula is 350mg of caffeine, 100mg or hordenine, 250mg each of dl-phenylalanine and PhenylBerry branded hawthorn berry, 300mg of acetylcysteine, and 100mcg of huperzine A.

Where to buy

As mentioned, Velocity Nutrition has officially launched itself and its one product this week with its own website being the first place to stock the Velocity pre-workout. The brand has priced the supplement at $39.99 for a full 20 serving, Orange Citrus flavored tub, with free shipping on orders over $99.